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1. UltraCool 7090 Cellulose Pad We at UltraCool make an Evaporative Cooling Pad by cellulose corrugated paper glued in an opposite sequence, which generates air passage inside the pads. Paper sheets being made of special cellulose craft paper, these sheets have extremely high ability in absorbing water and each paper is chemically treated to prevent disintegration. UltraCool Cooling pads are energy saving, environmentally friendly and economically viable when used in a cooling system as they reduce temperature without gas emissions and at minimal energy costs. UltraCool 7090 Pads are 7 mm Flute size pad which has good water absorption capability, hence provides significant cooling, but comparatively lesser than 6 or 5mm flute size cooling pad. It’s available in Brown/Green Colours. Competitive Advantages of the product: • High Strength • Rust-resistant • Good Water Absorption • Longer Pad life • Cost Effective Solution • Light Weight
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